Travelling with ASD

Travelling with ASD – A post from the small hours of the morning of 4th April 2016


We are having such a fabulous time catching up with family and friends but this is the side of Little Miss H’s autism no one sees, she saves it for me. I’m her port in a storm and right now the storm of anxiety that’s raging within her causes her to lose sleep, to panic, to lie awake worrying about tiny details that aren’t her job to worry about or indeed aren’t anything that ‘needs’ worrying about to a neuro-typical mind but she can’t control it, it’s a storm bigger than any little 7 year old should have to cope with. It’ll be like this for a couple of/few weeks and then she’ll get back to ‘normal’ but it’s this hidden, private and quiet manifestation that impacts on her and the family that makes going away for events so hard. Her weighted blanket and our newly learnt mindfulness techniques are helping but now this mummy needs to go and finish settling her and try and get some much needed sleep of my own.


Author: H2Au: the stuff of our life

H2Au: the stuff of our life. A personal story of our family's life with Autism, a rare chromosome disorder and auto immune disease.

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