Christmas Chaos… you can’t outrun the avalanche

This time of year is busy for everyone but we find it exceptionally so.
We have birthdays as well as Christmas to plan and prepare for, five on the same day but we also have step- and parents, nieces and nephews, aunties and uncles, god-children and friends’ birthdays in December and early January so we have to organise for those. We have the usual school commitments and Little Miss H’s Ice Skating shows to prepare for and be available for, as well as the usual ‘Christmas Chaos’, as I call it.

It means that it can all be very exciting which in ‘autism speak’ means ‘different’ and ‘overwhelming’ which then has a knock on effect on all of us.

It’s also a poignant time of year, as it was when Tiny Miss was diagnosed and whilst we have so much to celebrate, there are still challenges that can’t be ignored.

So please forgive my recent relative quiet spell. I am still here, sharing and recommending my good friends’ pages. I’m still answering emails. I perhaps am not quite so forthcoming with as many FB memes just at the minute, so please forgive me and bear with me.

There is an element of ‘I can’t outrun it’ going on in my life as I am attempting some self care too so that I can cope with all that is happening and yet to come. My health means I need to pace myself and pick and choose and allow plenty of recovery – sometimes its a waste of energy to try and outrun things that you know are coming. Sometimes just letting it wash over you is the best course of action. We’ll see if I’ve got the right approach after the fact but regardless I need to manage as much as I can for as many people as I can, including myself.

You see I’ll let you into a little secret – it’s my birthday on Wednesday (same day as Tiny Miss) so I try and manage to enjoy MYSELF as well as look after everyone else 😉 xx